Context : I have a headless Ubuntu HTPC with Sickrage, Couchpotato, Deluge, and XBMC (now called Kodi) installed

Use case : I wanted to know all my current torrents status without having to daily connect to my remote Deluge

Solution : Python script that uses deluge-console to extract information from Deluge and send a Boxcar2 notification. From my iPhone, I’ve being using Boxcar2 as a replacement to the paid and well know Prowl.

How it works : A cronjob calls daily the python script at a fixed time

How it looks like on iOS (Boxcar2 app) :

Boxcar2 notification - downloads paused

Boxcar2 notification - downloads active

Python script :
aside note : I’m not a Python developer and I don’t pretend to be one

The original script contains more stuff, and some logic was removed for the sake of the article. I’m pretty sure that for the only purpose of only sending Boxcar2 notifications, it could be trimmed down to 5 lines.

In the following script, replace REPLACE-WITH-USER-TOKEN by your boxcar2 token

And finally, the crontab (must be done using the same user used by Deluge) :