PLEX DLNA issue with MKV / Panasonic VIERA

My Panasonic VIERA TX-42ASM651 and DLNA weren’t 100% working with the Default profile that comes with Plex media server. The symptom was that the TV was unable to play MVK files and prompting the error : “Failed to read file”. Additionaly, the video format displayed by the TV when browsing was : “video” instead of “mkv

By turning on the DLNA logs, I’ve found this :

When you check the shipped profile (this one) you see that dca is not part of the supported formats.

Find below a modified version that worked well for mkv files in my case, I had to slighty modify the following line:

Make sure to place it under : <PLEX_HOME_FOLDER>/Profiles/Panasonic Viera 3D TV.xml and not modify the existing one

if the file loads correctly, you should see :



  1. This worked for my Panasonic Viera TX-L50ET60Y, thanks =)

    I also had to add vorbis to that same line for some files

  2. Hi!
    Where do I find this path “/Profiles/Panasonic Viera 3D TV.xml “?
    Plex is running on my synology disk.
    Thx a lot!


    • Check here

      Where are profiles located?
      Plex Media Server uses two different kinds of profile files:

      System profiles

      System profiles are provided and supported by Plex Inc. and are updated automatically when a new version of the server is installed. System profile files are stored in the Plex Media Server installation, under the Resources/Profiles directory. They should be assumed to be read-only from a user’s perspective, because any changes made will be lost when the server installation is updated.

      User profiles
      User profiles are authored by individual users and are never changed by the server. User profile files are located in the Plex Media Server user directory, in a directory called Profiles. If you have never authored a user profile before, this directory will not exist.

      User profiles may provide support for devices not supported by system profiles, as well as override devices supported by system profiles. A system profile can be overridden by creating a client profile file with the same file name as the system profile file that is intended to be overridden.

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