List of some useful Eclipse plugins

When using IntelliJ IDEA is not an option…

This is a list of some useful Eclipse plugins that I tend to use when I’m working in a JavaEE environment.

  •  Eclipse Fullscreen :

Allows Eclipse to run on a fullscreen mode toggled by the Ctrl+Z shortcut.

  • Eclipse GrepConsole  :

Applies styles to the Console output (regex based). Come with a defined set of style based on (WARN, INFO, FATAL).

  • Atlassian Connector for Eclipse  :

Gives the possibility to view, edit, manage Jira tickets inside Eclipse.
Requires Mylyn to be installed.

  • Subclipse  :

I tend to prefer Subclipse over Subversive.

  •  Maven Integration :


and more…

Talend Open Studio in fullscreen

I’ve being used Talend Open Studio for a while now.

Whereas this program is just a fantastic ETL program, it lacks of fullscreen support (just as Eclipse does).

I’ve just found this simple yet powerful plugin callend Eclipse fullscreen that also work for RCP based applications.

How to install

  1. Download the plugin here
  2. Simple extract the .jar file to the Talend directory plugin folder (mine is : C:\Program Files\Talend 5.2.1\TOS_DI-Win32-r95165-V5.2.1\plugins)

How to use it

Just press CTRL + ALT + Z to toggle fullscreen mode !


Talend Open Studio with fullscreen mode offTalend Open Studio with fullscreen mode on

Fullscreen support is a nice feature for people who work with two monitors and therefore can take advantage of the second monitor without loosing sight of the task bar and other open applications.

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