List of some useful Eclipse plugins

When using IntelliJ IDEA is not an option…

This is a list of some useful Eclipse plugins that I tend to use when I’m working in a JavaEE environment.

  •  Eclipse Fullscreen :

Allows Eclipse to run on a fullscreen mode toggled by the Ctrl+Z shortcut.

  • Eclipse GrepConsole  :

Applies styles to the Console output (regex based). Come with a defined set of style based on (WARN, INFO, FATAL).

  • Atlassian Connector for Eclipse  :

Gives the possibility to view, edit, manage Jira tickets inside Eclipse.
Requires Mylyn to be installed.

  • Subclipse  :

I tend to prefer Subclipse over Subversive.

  •  Maven Integration :


and more…

Using java keyword when declaring an enumeration

Once, I had this particular case where I needed to have an enumeration with the double java keyword. I also wanted that a call on this enumeration would return me the “double” String.

If you try to type this :

You will get an error from the compiler saying that you cannot use the double keyword.

Here an elegant solution to achieve this :

This is possible due to the fact the enum is a class. We can then manipulate the name attribute

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