My Panasonic VIERA TX-42ASM651 and DLNA weren’t 100% working with the Default profile that comes with Plex media server. The symptom was that the TV was unable to play MVK files and prompting the error : “Failed to read file”. Additionaly, the video format displayed by the TV when browsing was : “video” instead of “mkv

By turning on the DLNA logs, I’ve found this :

When you check the shipped profile (this one) you see that dca is not part of the supported formats.

Find below a modified version that worked well for mkv files in my case, I had to slighty modify the following line:

Make sure to place it under : <PLEX_HOME_FOLDER>/Profiles/Panasonic Viera 3D TV.xml and not modify the existing one

if the file loads correctly, you should see :