My Wi-Fi card (RTL8188CE) doesn’t have the reputation one could envy. Since I use ethernet for internet access, find below the steps to create a Wi-Fi hotspot that will allow you to share your internet connection over Wi-Fi on CentOS (I’ve also successfully tested this with Ubuntu 15).

What we want ?

Create a Wi-Fi hotspot that shares the internet connection from the ethernet cable. That’s it.

What will we need ?

I stumbled accros create_ap a few weeks ago. It’s simple, easy to use and it WORKS magi-perfectly. It has a lot of little hacks that addresses some of known issues with some adapters and wifi modes.


1. Install required packages and create_ap

2. Get your network cards information and test

Since CentOS 7 uses a different naming convention for the network cards, find the label of your card by typing

Once you get them, test create_ap :

3. Make create_ap start on boot

Copy the provided .service file to the systemd folder

Modify the create_ap.service file to include your adapters labels and add other desired options.

Mine looks like this :

Enable the create_ap daemon on boot and start it

I might be wrong but after installing, you can delete the create_ap folder